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Dodges Stratus

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t cards on MTG Cardsmith. Updating daily. Submit" /><"#page/8" />

Blame Mario Odyssey for me missing that the queue was empty.

“I tap 4 lands and Obin deals damage to your creature.”

“How much damage?”


Tumblr is had enough with these cards. It’s started to try and reject them.

Minecraft themed, gives creatures that 10mill they need, and can ult as soon as he hits the battlefield? Yeah this is fine

I miss the early days of WMTGCS when about 50% of the cards on this blog were Minecraft themed.

Romain mana

“Most infinite” = 2 mana

Don’t worry it’s balanced because its legendary AND you lose 1 life.

And you thought Armageddon plays were bad enough!

Balancing commons while keeping them interesting has always been hard, so I’m glad mtgcardsmith has got all the subtle nuances down pat.

You forgot some clauses for the first ability.

Don’t forget a creature with defender, haste and no tap ability.

This year’s Holiday promo is perfect for your Whymtgcardsmith keyword soup deck!